Terms and Conditions

Upon confirmation of booking, guest agrees with all the below Terms and Condition.

Guest is better to check availabilities and make booking as soon as possible in order to ensure place on board.
A booking will be confirmed only when the relevant amount of deposit  will be collected.
Upon booking minimum deposit is 50% of the full amount and the total balance should be closed 1 month before start date.
If a booking is made in less than 1 month from start date, payment of the full amount is required.
Methods of payments that are accepted are bank transfer or online payment through secure link.
All payments are made in euros and Sailingtrips.gr is not responsible for additional charges due to different exchange rates.

Guest is responsible to have all needing documents, such us passports and vaccinations certificates.
Guest accepts that any trip on board may pose risks and is advised to have medical insurance in order to be able to face an unexpected development.
Guest accepts that all personal belongings are their own responsibility and Sailingtrips.gr will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
Guest should inform in advance about any medical condition needing attention, such as pregnancy,  physical disabilities or any mental or physical condition.
Also, inform in advance about any special condition, such us allergies or following specific dietary.
Guest accepts that is possible foe Sailingtrips.gr to change the itinerary or the vessel without a notice and this would be due to different matters, such us availability, weather changes etc.(referring to cabin charters bookings)
Guest accepts that Crew members have the final decisions and this will be to ensure safety and satisfaction of everyone on board.
In case of any inappropriate behavior,  Crew members have the right to either end guest’s trip, for cabin charter bookings,  or end the whole trip, for yacht charter bookings, in case they believe that someone is dangerous for himself or anyone on board, without the right for any refund.
Guest accepts that illegal substances are NOT allowed on board. In case, one of the crew members or passengers, realizes their existence, the Skipper has the authority to remove the passenger and the substances from the boat. In case of non-compliance, the authorities will be informed.
Pets are not allowed.

In case of Non Show, 100% of the amount will be kept by the company.
In case of cancellation in less than 1 month prior departure day, 100% of the amount will be kept by the company.
In case of cancellation up to 1 month prior to departure day, the deposit payment will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation with more than 1 month notice, 25% of the deposit  will be refunded by the company.

In case that, for any reason apart from Force Majeure (weather changes,  fire ,flood, or any other natural disasters), trip will be cancelled by Sailingtrips.gr, guest can either choose other dates to make  the trip, or request full refund for the amount that he had already paid.
Sailingtrips.gr is not responsible for other expenses such as, change of flights, hotel accommodation and generally any other non refundable costs.

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